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Lean Consulting and Facilitation

Sometimes in your lean journey you need a solution tailored for a specific problem you’re facing.

Or perhaps you simply need the perspective of a knowledgeable third party, or you want to make sure a meeting, workshop, or event proceeds smoothly and productively so you can reach your goals faster.

As a skilled facilitator and experienced lean practitioner, I’m committed to helping my clients get the most out of their lean efforts and achieve the quickest results possible. There are a number of ways I do this:

  • Consulting on lean business processes
  • Facilitating value stream mapping or other process improvement events
  • Developing policies and standard work
  • Delivering training for policies and procedures
  • Following up on lean action plans
  • Resolving issues with suppliers
  • Conducting meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • Providing mentorship for lean leaders

The right solutions look different for each client. Let’s discuss how I can best help you meet your goals for continuous improvement.

Get in Touch

Email me at or call me at 404-281-0811.

"Bill Peterson's Lean Applied to Business Processes is a unique approach to continuous improvement. His teaching/coaching style and his unique application of continuous improvement will make any business more efficient and a better place to work. The best process Improvement instructor I've had in over 20 years of studying the subject."— Chris Miller, Boeing Field Marketing Rep
"I knew in the first half hour that this class would be exceptional. Bill was engaging, knowledgeable, open, and humble enough to make me feel less intimidated. I feel hopeful about my ability to use the tools he taught. Great instructor!"— Participant, LABP Class, University of Tennessee
"Bill’s enthusiasm hooks you, but it’s his complete understanding of the theory and application of lean and his delivery of the material that set him apart. Professional, personable, and knowledgeable. One of the best."— Participant, LABP Class, University of Tennessee
"The LABP course directly addressed my company and professional needs. Prior to this course I had a decent understanding of Lean Six Sigma concepts, but now I have a well-rounded understanding. As for running an event, I now have the confidence, tools, and support to kick-start the process."— Participant, LABP Class, University of Tennessee
"Concepts covered throughout the course seem universally applicable, from ‘leaning’ one's personal routine to tackling an entire organization."— Participant, LABP Class, University of Tennessee
"This is a fabulous course. I will absolutely recommend this program to friends and suggest that the executive team send additional colleagues."— Participant, LABP Class, University of Tennessee