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LeanBP Workshops

These short workshops give you a quick and powerful knowledge boost to improve your processes and increase productivity in the office. You’ll create a strategic action plan that you can implement the very next day at work—with real results.

Disciplines of Speed

Lack of focus. Rework. Multitasking. Endless meetings. Do these common problems ring a bell for you? Most large organizations, no matter what their industry, waste time and money in exactly the same places.

This one-day workshop, Disciplines of Speed, helps you recognize wasteful processes in your own organization and provides easy, low- or no-cost countermeasures to implement. Rather than cover process improvement theories in detail, this intensive workshop cuts right to the heart of what’s killing flow in your business processes.  You’ll develop an action plan for your office or team to implement when you return to work so that you can realize productivity improvements right away.

Attend Disciplines of Speed as an office team and reach your goals even faster!

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Lead Smarter — Eliminate the Eight Wastes of Management

Do you spend your workday chasing your tail, trying to make things happen? Instead of constantly putting out fires, being reactive, and micromanaging, you should be leading and making a difference. This two-day workshop will show you how.

Lead Smarter: Eliminate the Eight Wastes of Management is for managers and leaders—at any organizational level, in any for-profit or nonprofit industry—who want to learn how to better use their time, and their team’s time, to make a difference in their people, productivity, and enterprise.

For the greatest synergy, attend Lead Smarter as a management team!

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"Bill Peterson's Lean Applied to Business Processes is a unique approach to continuous improvement. His teaching/coaching style and his unique application of continuous improvement will make any business more efficient and a better place to work. The best process Improvement instructor I've had in over 20 years of studying the subject."— Chris Miller, Boeing Field Marketing Rep
"I knew in the first half hour that this class would be exceptional. Bill was engaging, knowledgeable, open, and humble enough to make me feel less intimidated. I feel hopeful about my ability to use the tools he taught. Great instructor!"— Participant, LABP Class, University of Tennessee
"Bill’s enthusiasm hooks you, but it’s his complete understanding of the theory and application of lean and his delivery of the material that set him apart. Professional, personable, and knowledgeable. One of the best."— Participant, LABP Class, University of Tennessee
"The LABP course directly addressed my company and professional needs. Prior to this course I had a decent understanding of Lean Six Sigma concepts, but now I have a well-rounded understanding. As for running an event, I now have the confidence, tools, and support to kick-start the process."— Participant, LABP Class, University of Tennessee
"Concepts covered throughout the course seem universally applicable, from ‘leaning’ one's personal routine to tackling an entire organization."— Participant, LABP Class, University of Tennessee
"This is a fabulous course. I will absolutely recommend this program to friends and suggest that the executive team send additional colleagues."— Participant, LABP Class, University of Tennessee