VIDEO: A Multitasking Lesson for Kids

If you’ve got school-age kids, or teach them, they’re likely home right now, finishing out the academic year online. How’s it going? Are students completing tasks on time and doing their work well? Or are distractions getting in the way?

In the business world especially, experts preach against multitasking, because trying to do two or three things at once is inefficient and produces poor-quality work. And kids hear from parents and teachers that they shouldn’t text, watch TV, or talk to their friends while they’re doing homework. But do they understand why?

This short video can help you teach your kids why multitasking is a bad idea—and offers a better solution for knocking out homework and having time left for fun stuff. Plus, students will retain more of what they learn. It’s a lesson I teach in my business classes for executives, but it works for anyone in any field—even kids in school. (Parents and teachers can participate alongside students.)

Grab a pen and paper for each person participating, and let’s get started!