Root Cause Analysis

image of person thinking

Develop a “Why?” Mindset

Lean, at its heart, is about finding the root causes of problems that prevent you from achieving your goals. Often, what stands in the way...
image of garden pea plants

What Peas Can Teach You About Process

  You know you have many miles to travel when it comes to improving your business processes, but you’re likely wondering where to start. If...
image of woman throwing dice

Variation in Your Processes—A Game of Chance (Part One of Two)

As most of you know, variation is a very big deal in manufacturing, because even the smallest change in production processes can have big...
This photo of a garden hose with kinks illustrates the bottlenecks that impede workflow in the business office.

Three Warning Signs Your Process Improvement Effort Will Fail

"Constraint: anything that limits a system from achieving higher performance versus its goal." —Eli Goldratt, What Is This Thing Called Theory of Constraints and How...
illustration of cause-and-effect diagram

A Better Way to Brainstorm Root Causes

Determining root causes seems to be a lost art. It’s a discipline, and if we aren’t willing to apply disciplined thinking when diagnosing a...