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The Worst Waste of All

  So—is it a 9 or is it a 6? Depends on who's looking at the problem. You’ve probably seen memes similar to this that call...
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Develop a “Why?” Mindset

Lean, at its heart, is about finding the root causes of problems that prevent you from achieving your goals. Often, what stands in the way...
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Never Be Wrong Again

Does that sound like an impossible promise? If you’re trying to achieve big goals at work, it’s hard enough to be right half the...
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SWOT: Rediscover a Classic

Ever go through your closet or toolbox and find something useful you forgot you had—and wound up being glad you did? I suggest you rummage...
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Going Back to the Blue Line

The COVID-19 crisis has upended business as usual, and it’s unclear what will happen when some or all of us return to work. Supply...
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The Recipe for My Secret Sauce

  No, this isn’t a special holiday cooking edition of the LeanBP Blog! To celebrate the season, I thought I’d share with you the formula...
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Get Wise and Synchronize!

  Want to learn how to shave weeks off knowledge work—with valuable learning as an added return on your investment? The first order of business is...
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Lean Your Invoicing for a Quick Win

Congratulations! Your organization did the thing you set out to do. Whether that thing was a product or a service, you marketed it, made...
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10 Great Summer Reads from LeanBP

July and December are slow months for training, so that’s when I take the time to dive deeper into my course materials and take...
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Go Faster, Produce More—but with Integrity

If you’ve been following my blog regularly, you know that my Lean Applied to Business Processes course is actually the product of what I’ve...