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image of garden pea plants

What Peas Can Teach You About Process

  You know you have many miles to travel when it comes to improving your business processes, but you’re likely wondering where to start. If...
Motion blur photograph of chef stirring pasta sauce on stove.

The Recipe for My Secret Sauce

  No, this isn’t a special holiday cooking edition of the LeanBP Blog! To celebrate the season, I thought I’d share with you the formula...
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Lean Your Invoicing for a Quick Win

Congratulations! Your organization did the thing you set out to do. Whether that thing was a product or a service, you marketed it, made...
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10 Great Summer Reads from LeanBP

July and December are slow months for training, so that’s when I take the time to dive deeper into my course materials and take...
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Are You Marching to the Beat of the Wrong Drum?

  In the business office, we often tend to think of the deliverables we produce in terms of a rate. For example, we might have...
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Cut the Noise and Tame the Common Cause (Part Two of Two)

In my last post, I laid out the difference between special cause and common cause variation. Why is it important to know the difference? Because...
This photo of a garden hose with kinks illustrates the bottlenecks that impede workflow in the business office.

Three Warning Signs Your Process Improvement Effort Will Fail

"Constraint: anything that limits a system from achieving higher performance versus its goal." —Eli Goldratt, What Is This Thing Called Theory of Constraints and How...
LeanBP Blog: The Hidden Truth About Lean

The Hidden Truth About Lean

It’s hard to imagine where manufacturing would be today if not for lean tools. The impact of lean on production processes over the last...

Welcome to the LeanBP Blog!

Applying lean principles to business processes is my passion. It’s a methodology I’ve developed over the course of my career, and one whose principles...