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VIDEO: A Multitasking Lesson for Kids

0 If you’ve got school-age kids, or teach them, they’re likely home right now, finishing out the academic year online. How’s it going? Are students...
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Staying Productive Through a Crisis

The world has changed dramatically since you heard from me last. It’s hard to remember what I planned to write about just three or...
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4 Email Mistakes That Kill Productivity

  Do you spend most of your day on email? You’re in good company. For most of us, the office environment has shrunk from a...
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What Peas Can Teach You About Process

  You know you have many miles to travel when it comes to improving your business processes, but you’re likely wondering where to start. If...
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VIDEO: Has a Business Process Ever Made You Cry?

4 Motion is one of the 8 wastes that plague the business office. (The kitchen, too, come to think of it.) Here’s a short and...
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The Recipe for My Secret Sauce

  No, this isn’t a special holiday cooking edition of the LeanBP Blog! To celebrate the season, I thought I’d share with you the formula...
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Get Wise and Synchronize!

  Want to learn how to shave weeks off knowledge work—with valuable learning as an added return on your investment? The first order of business is...
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Lean Your Invoicing for a Quick Win

Congratulations! Your organization did the thing you set out to do. Whether that thing was a product or a service, you marketed it, made...
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10 Great Summer Reads from LeanBP

July and December are slow months for training, so that’s when I take the time to dive deeper into my course materials and take...
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Go Faster, Produce More—but with Integrity

If you’ve been following my blog regularly, you know that my Lean Applied to Business Processes course is actually the product of what I’ve...